On Saturday I visited Insadong with my host sister and a few of her friends. Insadong is a neighborhood in Seoul, so we had to first take a bus to Seoul then use the metro to get there. We stopped at my host sister’s grandparent’s house before catching the bus, so that I could meet them and we talked for a while about Dahyeon leaving for Minnesota. I also met one of her cousins, but he was so shy he wouldn’t look me in the eyes. I thought they were all really nice though. Before arriving in Insadong we went out for lunch at one of the friend’s grandmother’s restaurants. The food came out in a bunch of courses, and by the end they couldn’t have put more food on our table if they had wanted to. I had no idea what I was eating but I’ve just been eating whatever people give me, so I didn’t worry about it. After eating we got back on the metro and made our way to Insadong, where we looked at a bunch of art galleries and stopped for ice cream which was piped through some sort of hollow tube made of puffed corn. It was very interesting, though by the end the ice cream was actually melting though the tube, so it got really messy. We walked around a bit more then went off in search of a cafe to get some iced tea. We sat and talked there for probably about an hour before heading back to the metro and heading home. 

     Yesterday my host family and I all went out for lunch then we stopped at the market to pick up some stuff. I think they wanted me to pick out foods that I liked, but I’ve been eating anything so Dahyeon and I just got the ingredients for spagetti with a bunch of seafood and we ended up making that for dinner, which was really good. I also finally gave my family their gifts, which were really well received. So that was nice. And… that’s basically all that I’ve been up to the past few days. 


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