One Week Left!

I have a week left before I leave for Korea and I’m getting everything kind of ready to go. It looks like my weekend is going to be jam-packed full of hanging out with friends and running errands, so I bet that I’ll really start packing on Monday.

I have gotten in touch with my host family, and though I’ve only talked to the oldest daughter they seem really nice. I’m excited to get to know them, though also a little nervous. I think all my host siblings are going to be younger than me, but that’s okay. Having grown up as the youngest I’m probably due for a change. (Below is a picture of my first host family

host family

I’m really excited to go but I’ve noticed my mood swinging around a bit. Most of the time I’m just really restless, like I want to just get on a plane right now, but at the same time I really don’t want to leave, which is probably the fear manifesting itself. I don’t know. I’m going to miss everyone here a lot, but I think the year will fly by faster that I can imagine now.

I’ve been getting ready in little spurts of energy punctuated by long breaks of doing nothing and staring at paper while I try to write a list of everything I can’t forget. I sat down one night and made a hundred and twenty pins to share with my fellow exchange students (pictured below), so I figure that I’ll pack in one big burst right before I leave (just like when I packed for France the morning before I left). Surprisingly and sadly there’s still stuff I have to buy, so I need to make yet another run to Target eventually, but everything will get done.

10484408_10202405758052565_5351647599583385853_nSo yeah, that’s a basic summary of where I stand. I think my writing style probably reflects my mentality right now, so it’s jumping all over the place. Nothing new, really. This is probably the last time I write before heading off to Korea!


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