Maybe my host family exists?

I said in the earlier post that I was nervous about contacting my host family. I guess this was partially due to the fact that they haven’t contacted me yet, which made the insecure part of me wonder if they cared to, but it had to be done by one of the parties, so I decided to go ahead and try to send them an email. 

I was pretty basic. My Korean isn’t awesome, though I can survive, so I pretty much said that and I told them that I was really looking forward to meeting them and hopefully we’d be able to contact each other and talk before I arrive, because maybe (just maybe) it’ll be less awkward that way. That’d be nice. So anyway, this email was really short. Probably 6 sentences at most. It still took me like a half an hour to write because first impressions matter and, honestly, I wanted them to be like “oh hey she kinda speaks Korean acceptably, let’s email her back.” So after spending a half an hour agonizing over which particles I should use and how I should word things I sent it, probably full of errors despite my effort. 

Two seconds later I got an email back. Yeah… their email doesn’t exist. 

So here I am, with a potentially nonexistent host family. 


I’ll figure out a way to contact them soon. They can’t escape me. Trying to stay positive! Plus, when I do get an email, I’ve already written everything I’m going to say. So I win anyway. I’ll probably write something again after I’ve made contact with them, after I get it all figured out. Laterzzz


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